april 10

Do you ever think you get in the way of God’s work? Well, whether we think it or not, the answer is yes for all of us at times. We all get in the way of God and what His purposes are for our lives and the work He is doing around us.

            Sunday, April 14th, is what is known as Palm Sunday. It is when Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey at the beginning of Passover week, and everyone came out to see the Lord Jesus and placed palm leaves and cloaks on the road as He rode by. They were crying “Hosanna” and singing His praises. After He rode into town, He went straight to the Temple complex, and it is then that the famous event of running folks out of the Temple came to be. Jesus saw the wickedness of the religious leaders as they distorted the mission of the Temple for their own personal game. Jesus infamously said after making a whip and running the people out, “My house shall be called a house of prayer, but you have made it into a den of thieves.” What was happening was the religious leaders had placed their agendas over God’s agenda. They were making it about personal gain, and the Temple was a house of prayer, in other words a place of personal fellowship with God.

            So the question for us today is when we gather as God’s community, do we gather for personal fellowship with God among His people, or do we gather, with ourselves in mind, looking for what we can get verses what we can give? This is an important question we all must answer, otherwise, we are like the religious leaders of Jesus day getting in the way of what God wants to with His people.


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