December 12, 2018

Recently, over the Thanksgiving holidays my family and I took a trip to Junction, Texas where we celebrated Thanksgiving. My wife and I hunted while my parents stayed around the cabin. It was a great time of refreshment and fun. Our phones wouldn’t work, a blessing indeed, and there was no TV, and it was a time of detoxing from the busyness of life. The week after we came back, after experiencing this technological detox, I realized how much day to day life has become dependent on these things, and I’m by far not a techie. It’s like an alcoholic realizing how much they spend on drinking once they stop. 

            It is easy to get caught up in the world of busyness, and sadly the holiday season should slow us down yet for so many it speeds us up. The holidays become a dread to many trying to get everything so perfect for company and family and the fun seems to seep away. Let’s take a second to reconsider what really matters. It’s not the perfect dessert or if the house is spotless, it’s about appreciating what really matters in life and what makes life worth living. My prayer for all of us is to detox from all the distractions in life and remember the important things such as faith and family. We need to appreciate the failures that have taught lessons this past year, and be grateful for the forgiveness God’s grace grants each one of us if we ask for it. We have so much to be thankful particularly in the gift of God’s one and only Son, Jesus. May He be the focus of our family this season!

Psalm 118

Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good;

His faithful love endures forever.


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