January 22

There is a disease that everyone of us has, and it’s a struggle to overcome, and unfortunately there is no pill to cure it. It is the disease of pride. Pride is the disease to want to be God instead of letting God be God. The truth is you and I make a very poor “god” but sadly it takes us all awhile to figure that out sometimes. Many never figure it out and die in their attempts to stay in control, but death is the final and complete truth that none of us are in control.

Many of us fight control or have “control issues” because our trust has been broken, and then we project that onto future events. This is a state of pride as well because we believe that the world will not spin properly without us being at the helm of life’s ship.

The Bible says that pride comes before destruction which makes perfect logical sense because if I am not qualified to do God’s job, and I haven’t the ability to control things, then my attempts to do so will only bring futility and failure. Failure is a gift to us because it can be the fertile ground that grows the seeds of humility. It is the only cure for the disease of pride. Pride is not cured by a pill, but by the will. Humility is actually seeing reality as it actually is, not how we desire to be. So again, if we live in an illusion or delusion because of our pride no wonder we find ourselves at the end of our rope, and find our lives falling apart because we aren’t living in God’s reality. Humility sees life as it is, and allows God to be who He is in our life. We can never live right side up until we see life right side up. 

Proverbs 16:18

Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall.


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