March 1

Last week we discussed truth, and I want to continue that discussion this week. Pontius Pilate ask Jesus in John 18, “What is truth?” This is a question that people over the generations and throughout the world grapple with even today. Truth is not mere opinion, perspective, or feelings, but rather a view of God’s reality. In another words, truth is thinking God’s thoughts after Him. If you are in an art gallery, the only person who can tell you the intentional purpose of a painting is the artist who made the painting. In the same way the only One who has the true monopoly on truth is the Creator Himself.

            For truth to exist there must be an absolute reality independent of mankind’s opinions or feelings. We have as a society put too much emphasis on opinions and feelings, and not enough on asking ourselves when God made this or that what did He have in mind. The trouble is mankind in our “progressive arrogance” are trying to redefine what the Creator had in mind. Look at our debates we as a society are having. We question what is male and female, the institution of marriage, and when is a baby a human. To be so pompous in our intellect as a people, we are grappling with questions children can answer, but it’s the adults sadly who are struggling. We have gone from simply being a people within God’s reality to trying to create our own through virtual reality. Nothing wrong with video games and such themselves, but I encourage you if you are a parent to not let your kid’s  video games to become their babysitters. Let your children experience God’s reality out in nature where the creative juices of the mind can take root for a healthy future, and not constantly exposed to some artificial illusion. Teach your kids how to think, not just what think so they can treasure truth the way our Creator designed us.

Abraham Lincoln

How many legs does a dog have if you call the tail a leg? Four. Calling a tail a leg doesn’t make it a leg.


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