May 6

Where are you with your life? Where are you in dealing with this pandemic? Where are you really underneath the surface where no one can go but you? Where are you in all this?

            After Adam and Eve disobeyed God to basically become a god for themselves they heard the Lord God walking in the garden looking for them. The Bible says the Lord ask the first question of Scripture to them when He asked them, “Where are you?” Now at first read one could say that God was looking for them and that is a natural question to ask, but we must also remember that God doesn’t need to ask any questions because God is All-Knowing, and this brings up another question. Why did God ask them a question? Well, just like our teachers in school the question wasn’t for Him, but for them. They had disobeyed God and were living in shame with their eyes open to new levels of evil. They felt embarrassed because they saw themselves through their now fallen eyes of seeing both God’s ways and what would not be God’s ways. This is why the tree they took the fruit from was known as the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.

            Now going back to the question itself, and if the question wasn’t for God, then what was the purpose of asking the question. It was so Adam and Eve could take a deep look into their own hearts and realize not where they thought there were, but where they actually were with God. Google Maps uses this same logic. Before it asks you were you are going it asks you where you are because it doesn’t matter where you are going if you don’t know where you are. You may actually be in Lone Oak, Texas but if you believe you are in Oklahoma City and want to travel to New Orleans no matter how great the directions are from OKC to New Orleans they will be of no use to you in Lone Oak. This is why many reject Christianity because the first call to salvation is admitting we are sinners in rebellion to God. This doesn’t sit well with our egotistical self-righteous masks, but it is none the less true. God asks all of us just like He did the first couple, “Where are you?”, not to shame us, but to save us because He loves us. So wherever you are in your life come to Jesus to be shamed no more and experience His all encompassing love of salvation and grace.


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