May 8

This Sunday is Mother’s Day, and I wanted to take just a moment to celebrate the role mothers have with their children. I know my mother has played an instrumental role in who I am today. I think of three things when I think of my mother. First, she delivered me. She delivered me into this world physically, but also lead me to the Lord so she was a part of my spiritual delivery in my coming to know Jesus. Second, she has been there to show devotion to my life to raise me in a Christian home with integrity and a sense of principles to live by. She was at my ballgames, school events and when I started playing music she came to everything I did. She was devoted to supporting me, and there was no greater support she could give than by praying for me as she did. Third, she disciplined me. Now this third one wasn’t so fun for me, but I’ve come to learn it wasn’t that fun for her either. But she loved me enough to discipline to help shape my character. I remember her telling me that she loved me enough to not let me get away with things, and now I appreciate it. What I see so much today are children parenting the parents rather than the parents parenting their children. Discipline is not a cruel thing, but to not discipline is a cruel thing.       

Our parents are our first “God template”. Everything we ultimately look for in God such as love, nurture, safety, correction, protection etc. we first look for in our parents. This is why many have a distorted view of God because they have no point of reference in their life for what some of the characteristics of God look like outside of a theory. If a parent abandoned you, then it is hard to imagine God, who you haven’t seen, not abandoning you. Not everyone has been as fortunate to have a solid, stable mother in their life as many have, and for that I am sorry. For those that have then this Sunday tell them how much they have meant to you because a mother’s presence and love truly can shape future generations even after they are gone.


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