Welcome to, Kids Corral, The Bull Creek Cowboy Church Children's Ministry.

Mission Statement:  "Knowing children are a gift of God, a precious trust for which we are accountable, we endeavor individually and collectively to 'know God, the power of His resurrection, and the fellowship of His suffering; led by His Spirit to bring others into a personal relationship with Him through Jesus Christ, His Son, and to teach them His presence, His power, and His perspective of this world through His Word."

Kids Corral
Kids Corral is a church service designed just for kids ages 4 through completed 6th grade.  This service is modeled after our adult service.  It includes fellowship time,  worship through song; prayer;praise; and message.  The goal of this service is for children to be able to learn on their level in an atmosphere that is totally designed for them. Following the worship service time, children are broken up into age appropriate classes where the story taught during the worship service is reinforced with games, crafts, or activities.  After class time, children are brought back together for a little more worship through song before being picked up by their parents.

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Get involved: We love and appreciate your involvement with this great ministry. To find out more about how to get involved in the Kids Corral, please see or contact Tommy Boyer or visit with any of the Team Members in Kids Corral!

Lay Pastor: Darrell Counts


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