History of Bull Creek

How did Bull Creek get started? “It was God’s idea” according to Robert Cook, Pastor of Lone Oak Baptist. He and some of his church members wanted to start some sort of prayer meeting bible study time for the cowboys in the area. They got in contact w/ Rodney Williams of the Hunt Baptist Assn., a former calf roper himself. Rodney knew Ron Nolan of the BGCT who was starting to plant Cowboy Churches in TX.. Rodney said he knew of the perfect place to hold these meetings – Mike Moss’ arena in Lone Oak.

Mike & Kathy had been thinking about having some sort of bible study at the ranch on a weekly basis and God pulled everyone together. Mike did not have any idea or intention of becoming a pastor. He just offered the use of his arena until a bldg. could be found. God had other plans… One night in August 2003, after a Tues. evening service, Mike told Kathy that he felt God calling him to lead this church. Kathy cried, but told Mike that if that was what God wanted, then so be it. You don’t say NO to God! Remember…God equips the called…He doesn’t call the equipped and we are living proof of it.

Kathy Moss

In 2016, Mike Moss (Our Founding Pastor) retired and God took us on a search that brought our Current Pastor – Jeff Jackson – back to Texas with his wife Trista.

We are celebrating out 15 year anniversary in 2018 and, while we don’t know what God has in plan for us, We know it is going to be dedicated to serving Him.