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Prayer and Praise March 10, 2019

1. Larry Dudley-unspoken—Cynthia Haas

2. Suzy Baldwin is having chest pains this morning, Jesse Montana will be having elbow replacement on March 13th, two unspoken. –Sharon Wilhite

3. Dawayne Nichol, my husband has beat death at least 10 times or more in his life and is fighting pain every day. Yet he is still here. He just keeps on fighting. – Anna Nichol

4. Thank you so much to everyone from our amazing church family for all the assistance with my Grandma’s memorial. We are truly blessed to be a part of this fellowship!—Amanda Webb

5. Pam Seigler – Pray for healing. – Clyde Siegler

6. Prayers for Jennifer Hiller and her daughter, they were in a car accident yesterday, they are ok but they are pretty sore. –James Payne

7. Blessings that son’s back home and sister keeps doing better with rehab due to stroke. – Jimmy Ingram

8. Family of Jimmy Whitehead of Lone Oak. He passed away Friday. – Paul Fry

9. David Jenkins, in hospital in Lufkin. He is currently in ICU on ventilator due to severely infected tooth. Has massive swelling to face, tongue and throat. – Angel McBride

10. Unspoken-Gary Dillon

11. Donnie Siegler-Brother, had a stroke. – Clyde Seigler

12. Pray for brother, Rodney. Had knee surgery.- Clyde Seigler

13. Opal (my Mother) for comfort. Unspoken for my brother and sister. – Peggy Adams

14. Pray for Dana Morris, to heart her heat and make her happy again. – Mary Twombly

Received: March 11, 2019