Prayer Wall

sharon wilhite

Prayer and Praise April 7, 2019

1. Prayer: Keep my dad Jeremy Hogue on good tracks when he comes home and to get him closer to God. – Trenton Hogue

2. Praise: God is good! Higher Ground is having their men’s climb this weekend. So far, 6 men have accepted Christ and baptized, and 3 men rededicated their lives to Christ. – Mark Byrd

3. Prayer: My niece Bonnie Marie. Has a mass on gall bladder.- Rosemary Anderson

4. Prayer: Unspoken prayer request for myself– Shay Cooper

5. Prayer: For healing for Eddie. – Flo Gray

6. Prayer: My wife Megan who is on bed rest and unspoken. – Lance Wright

7. Prayer: Pray for Rudy’s Mom who had a stroke and can’t move her leg. – Bill

8. Prayer: Boss’s grandson (Jake) he is 3 weeks on life support and is doing better and out of ICU and back in his own room now. – Gary Dillon

9. Prayer: Please pray for Venita Cook as she is having hip surgery on Monday 4.8.2019. – Bob Cook

10. Prayer: Larry Don unspoken. – Chrissy Dudley

11. Praise: David and Tennile Light. Headed for divorce and after a month they are back together. God is good!- Gene and Suzy Baldwin

Received: April 8, 2019