Small Groups Ministry

We believe all Christians should be in small groups, studying the Bible together, worshiping God together, fellowshiping together, serving Jesus together, sharing their lives together. Small groups were the essential building blocks of the first-century church, and they are the essential means to transcend the bigness of big churches today. If you have never been involved in a small group Bible study, we urge you to join us at Bull Creek Cowboy Church in a Small Group Bible Study.
We have groups of all types and locations or you can start one of your own using your own criteria.

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Currently we have groups in Lone Oak, Point area, Emory, Quinlan, Greenville, and Caddo Mills. They include groups specific to new members to our church, single groups, young married couples groups, Hispanic groups, and groups dedicated to young families.

God does not just call us to believe; He also calls us to belong to His family. The Bible shows that from the beginning of creation “it was not good for man to be alone.” We were formed to be part of a body of believers. The Bible speaks of a human body and shows that each part of the body is dependent on the others (though it gives no mention of the tonsils or appendix!). So in the Christian family each member plays a critical role and needs to depend on the others

Rick Warren provides several reasons why I needed to be part of a church family:

  • A church family identifies me as a genuine believer. I prove my faith by showing love to other members of God’s family. This can only be done within the fellowship of a church.
  • A church family moves me out of self-centered isolation. Relationships with other Christians will teach me how to love unconditionally. It will fulfill the Biblical model of being committed to and dependent upon other believers.
  • A church family helps me develop spiritual muscle. Being part of a church family will help me grow to maturity in my faith.
  • The body of Christ needs me. Every Christian has a unique gift or ministry. It is wrong to deny these God-given gifts to the church.
  • I will share Christ’s mission in the world. The church is God’s instrument on earth to fulfill His work. By being part of a church I can share in that mission.
  • A church family will help keep me from backsliding. As part of a church family I will have other Christians to keep me accountable and to ensure that I do not backslide. This is the responsibility of all believers.

We liken Christian small groups to a flock of geese that fly south every winter in a majestic V-formation. CampfireA bird-fancier once told me three remarkable facts about these birds and their aerial migration habits. First, there is always a leader to the V-formation. That leader sets the direction for the entire formation. Second, it is never the same leader! These birds instinctively share the leadership among themselves, taking turns being out in front and setting the course for the group. Third, whenever they fly, the rest of the birds encourage the leader, honking all the way: “Honk! Keep it up! Honk! Good going! Honk! Lead on, MacDuff!”

To us, that’s what a great small group ministry is like. That’s what our Lord is describing here to His eleven remaining friends. He is telling them that mutual sharing is a form of love and by becoming a Christian I am committing myself to Christ and by becoming a member of a church I am committing myself to a group of believers.

Today’s point to ponder is “I am called to belong, not just believe.” I had a discussion about this with a friend just a few weeks ago. He professes Christ but does not feel the need to attend church. He tells how he has felt betrayed by church before and feels that he does not need a church in his life. I tried to explain to him that church isn’t all about receiving, but that it is also about giving. It is easy to say that there is nothing he can gain from church, but it is downright selfish to say that there is nothing he can contribute to a church.I am thankful to be part of a church that believes in maximizing every member’s contribution to the church. Bull Creek believes that each and every person has a unique gift that can be used to benefit the church. Pastor Jeff and the rest of the church elders and lay pastors do their best to determine how each person is gifted and then ensure that people are using their gifts in a ministry that can use those specific talents.