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Teresa Nabors

For my cousin Carol who is fighting cancer. My best friendthat lost her Dad to cancer and her family. For my family and friends. All those hurting, and in need of you Lord to help them through their daily struggles and worries and stress of ever day life. Also those needing to know you Lord. Please help show them the way. I ask This in Jesus name Amen.

Received: January 26, 2019

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Sharon Wilhite

Please pray for my son Tyler. He has second and third-degree burns on his legs. They are doing surgery at 10 o’clock today for skin graphs. Thank you. I love you.- Katrina Jones

Received: January 25, 2019

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Sanders Walker

Please pray for our missionary friends. Thank you. Sanders Walker

Please join us in prayer...

Dear Sanders & Amy,

From ‪February 4-8th‬, Matt is organizing the Refugee Highway Partnership Roundtable in Sarajevo.  Over 200 grassroots workers, mission leaders, pastors, trauma care specialists from 25 countries across Europe and 75 organizations will come to be encouraged, equipped, and connected with those who are working on the front lines of refugee ministry.  

Why host in Sarajevo? The Balkans has been one of the main routes for refugees fleeing Syria and other countries to European nations to the north. The region remains fragile two decades after the ethnic wars following the break-up of Yugoslavia. Since the war of the 1990s, high unemployment and crime has flourished which created the infrastructure for drug and human traffickers. Sarajevo is becoming a transit city for refugees along the Refugee Highway, but there only a five churches of less than 200 believers in the city of 400,000! So hosting this conference in Bosnia will be to encourage and equip a region of the Eastern Europe that is significantly under-resourced.

Items for Prayer:

• Pray for our local Bosnian planning team, especially pastors Tomislav and Sasha, to complete the final details for hosting hundreds of people.

• Pray for our speaker, Dr. George Kalantzis, who is flying over from Wheaton College, strength and wisdom as he leads our plenary sessions.

• Pray for the 25 workshop leaders who will be addressing the complex issues for working among migrant peoples such as: how to comfort and heal trauma, how to disciple and integrate new believers, and how to help churches to welcome and reach their new neighbors. 

• Pray for the 15-20 Christian and Muslim background refugees who will give powerful testimonies at the conference. Pray for these leaders, originally from Iraq, Iran, Egypt, Sudan, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bosnia, to encourage and inspire others. 

• Pray for the churches in Europe to open their doors and hearts to brothers and sisters forcibly displaced and threatened because of Jesus.

• Pray for our special ministry visits in Sarajevo including the Child War Museum and other tours to the frontlines of the battle to be meaningful and visual reminders of the scars and effects of war. 

• Pray for strength and stamina, as Matt is one of the main coordinators of this annual event and it has been busy few months.

• Please pray that the Refugee Highway Roundtable will be provide fruitful connections for the kingdom and encouragement for those desiring to minister to unreached peoples in Europe.

We could not do this without your partnership, thank you for joining us in prayer. We will update you soon about all the Lord does through this conference!

Your Partners in the Harvest,

Matt & Nicole Paschall

Received: January 25, 2019

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sharon wilhite

Please keep Janice (Babe) Cotton in your prayers. She has kidney cancer. Bill Howard was told she was Brittany Buck's grandmother (Josh Buck's wife).-Bill Howard

Received: January 24, 2019

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sharon wilhite

Prayer and Praise January 20, 2019

1. My cousins Kayla and Shawn are struggling with cancer. Pray for my friends Ruth and James-cancer. Pray for my friend Heidi Gwaltney – cancer and she could not walk when she tried to get up this morning. – Tammy Hitchcock

2. Bobby Pless of Bonham was diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic cancer in lungs, around spine, stomach, liver, etc. Sending home with hospice. –

3. 1) Unspoken prayer for my Mom, sister and niece. 2) My grandmother is in hospital for pneumonia and increased confusion. – Michelle Taylor

4. Please continue prayer for Dana Morris, she has been moved to rehab and is doing well. – Lisa King

5. Just found out has cancer (Bobby friend). – Matt M.

6. Larry Don unspoken, military, firefighters, police officers – Chrissy Dudley

7. Gabriela Mora (Cancer), Aime Cristancho (medical issues), Leila McCard (cancer), Timbernard (Heart problems). – Donnie Samples

8. My cousin, Carol with cancer. Bobby with cancer all those in need of prayer. – Teresa Nabors

9. Asking for prayers for my stepmom (marge Davidson). She’s having surgery on her legs, possibly could lose both legs. – Marie Kinsey

10. Audie’s grandson. Stuck something in his ear to far.

11. Needs prayer for 90 year old uncle who has cancer. – Brenda Wilson

12. Lennis is Debbie McMerrell brother, will be going into Baylor this week for scoping for internal bleeding, the family needs our prayers

13. Son-in-law Glen Berry just found out he has stage 3 lung cancer. Lots of prayers please. – Rosemary Anderson

14. Kate Lynn Berry has thyroid cancer, please pray for my granddaughter. – Keith Anderson

15. Unspoken. – Anita Teel

Received: January 21, 2019

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Rodney Seigler

Delbert Glenn, my brother in law's father, has melanoma skin cancer on his back.

Received: January 20, 2019

I prayed for this

Prayed for 3 times.

Sharon wilhite

Please keep Larry Lemons brothers family in your prayers. They lost everything in a house fire.

Received: January 19, 2019