January 29

This past weekend I gave a talk on the difference between Pharisee and Follower. Sadly, many Christians look more like the ancient Pharisees than the early Followers. This is a sad thing because many are getting the wrong idea of Christianity.

 As a believer we must pause to consider what reflection of Christianity we are putting out into the world. We need to make sure it is an authentic reflection of Jesus. I want to mention one of the characteristics we must be aware of that reflect the Pharisees: Religious folk like works, true believers cling to the grace of God.

We often preach grace in church but many actuality live works. I remember as a child in Sunday School getting a little white envelope that gave me a grade as to how I did this week in being a “Good Christian.” It would give me a percentage if I read my Bible, prayed, shared my faith and gave a tithe which confused me because the preacher preached grace, but practically speaking it was works based everywhere else.  As a believer, I know I am not enough and will never be enough. There is no good in me apart from my Creator’s goodness as I bare His image. If God were to ask me why should I let you into my Heaven, it would be for no other reason than Jesus paid the price, and God has bestowed grace on a sinner.  It would not be on how many times I’ve read the Bible, prayed, shared my faith, etc. These are all wonderful endeavors for the believers, but they can’t be graded because I live now under the grace of Jesus.


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