March 20

This past weekend I had a birthday, and with birthdays comes well wishes and being with friends and family. It also makes one a bit reflective of life and having made another trip around the sun. After the friends and family leave, the cake is gone, and the laughter has died out, and you find time by yourself, it makes you think about what is really important in life. For me I would say the connections I’ve made in life have had an enormous impact on me. Several friends that I have made from different parts of the country sent videos congratulating me on another birthday, but the words they said were so impactful and welcoming. The fact that people who were once strangers are now such treasured friends that I couldn’t imagine my life being without is something odd in a way, but yet so wonderful.

Now consider John 15:13 –No one has greater love than this, that someone would lay down his life for his friends. To think that God calls us His friends. We were once strangers to Him because of our rebellion, but now in Jesus we are called His friends even His children. We are the people God wants to hang out with and have parties with and celebrate life with. That is an amazing thought to consider. He treasures us so much that we are not just acquaintances that He might have coffee with or say hello when He sees us in a crowd, but we are treasured friends that He will reveal His heart to and even die in our place. There will be no celebration on earth like there will be in New Creation when all of God’s friends who have become His family celebrate salvation forever with Him as the center of the party.


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