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Karen Sweeden

Prayer and Praise September 30, 2018

1. Prayer: Please pray for my cousin who lost her mom – NO NAME

2. Prayer: For Venita Cook, having trouble with her back – Bob Cook

3. Prayer: Unspoken – Audie Gilbreath

4. Prayer: Pray for Misty Crocher. She is in stage 4 cancer – Brenda & JW Wilson

5. Prayer: Betty Montgomery is having knee replacement surgery on Monday, October 1st – Peggy Bedingfield

6. Prayer: Our son, Cody, is in the Navy shipping out to Cuba this week. Please pray for his safety – Keith & Theresa Burns

7. Prayer: Please pray for my family and I have an unspoken request – Sharon Horrocks

8. Prayer & Praise: Pray for Autumn & family for the coming days for her loss of her Dad. Thank you all for the prayers Doug’s Stepmom and brother are healing but will need prayer for patients as they heal. Pray for Ms. Glenda for her coming days for her loss of her daughter. 2 unspoken – Lisa & Doug King

9. Prayer: Please keep Dominic, Hope & Summer Lynn in your prayers as they begin a new chapter in their lives. And God keep his hands on them – Linda

10. Prayer: Please lift Ben Dooley & family up in prayer. Ben is having health issues pray for strength for family – Linda

11. Prayer: Please pray for Lane & also R.T. Gillespie, hospital – Dana Dickerson – Matt & Jamie Prince

12. Prayer: Please pray for my brother, Jim Majors. He is having knee surgery this Wednesday, October 3rd. Pray for quick recovery – Elaine Gillean

13. Prayer: Pray for healing for wife – Joe Adams

14. Prayer: 1 unspoken, 1 for personal growth and guidance – Patrick Fuzzell

15. Prayer: Autumn Lucas’s father passed away – Jodi Frye

16. Prayer: May our church grow in our knowledge of God and his word and unity – NO NAME

17. Prayer: Larry Don, unspoken; Cindy, Tazz, Sharon & Wanda’s health; Military, Firefighters, Police Officers

18. Prayer: Please keep Billie Bennett in your prayers – Karen Sweeden

Received: October 1, 2018